In Timbuktu, a novella by Paul Auster, Mr. Bones, a smart dog, is the companion of Willy G. Christmas, aka William Gurevitch, the son of Polish war refugees living in Brooklyn. The story gives us just enough background on Willy G. Christmas to have an  understanding of why he lives his life in the moment. Willy is kind, with a generous spirit, but he is also a troubled man with the desire to be a great poet and inventor. He pursues his unattainable and absurd  inventions with the energy and authenticity to do something great in the world. Mr. Bones is a dog that thinks in English language sentences and he longs to speak the words he thinks. Together, Willy and Mr. Bones travel the gritty streets of  New York City and wander the countryside. Their loyalty and love for each other sustain them during often unpredictable travel adventures. The story is told through the eyes of Mr. Bones, a supreme canine whom you will want to welcome into your heart and home.

Review by Irene Dunn