Technical Services

Mobile Printing

Click here to upload a document through out mobile printing app! Prints will be sent to the library’s printer and will be available after payment is received. Cost is $0.10 per black and white page and $0.50 per color page.

Faxing & Printing

Our Circulation Desk staff will send a fax on behalf of patrons for a $3.00 charge (first page), plus $1.00 for each additional page.We are unable to receive faxes for patrons at this time.

The charge for photocopying is $0.10 per b/w page and $0.50 per color page. Patrons may also print from our computers at the above rates.

At this time, printing and faxing fees must be paid by cash or check.

Computer Help

Contact our Reference Librarian, Charles DeYoe, to schedule a one-on-one session. Get help searching, creating a word document, printing, emailing, and getting set up with eBooks.

This is a FREE service! Available by appointment. Call (845)469-4252 or email

Additional Services

Notary Public

We have two staff members on hand who are also certified notary publics! Please be sure to review our policy here.  Call (845) 469-4252 and make an appointment and check availability. Notary service is available Monday-Friday at no charge.

EZ-Pass On-The-Go

Pick up an E-Z Pass On the Go here at the Library!

The cost of $25 is applied to your E-Z pass account after registration. Passes cannot be combined with existing accounts and must be registered online or by phone before use. Check the website at to find out more information.

Payments must be made by cash or check. No refunds.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Apply for your hunting and fishing licenses here at the library! Bring your state ID or previous license. Check the website at for additional information.

Prices vary by license. Payments must be made by cash or check.