Library Garden Project

The Library Garden!

Carlie and Abby, cadets from Chester Girl Scouts Troop 387, have chosen the library for their Silver Award project! They started building garden beds behind the building, and planted flower bulbs back in October 2020. Currently, in April 2021, the girls have gotten two beds ready for vegetables and have planted peas, mesclun greens, and spinach. As it warms up, more veggies will be planted. We are so excited to host a garden for our patrons and our community, thank you Carlie and Abby!

Click Here for our calendar of programs! Gardening programs will be posted throughout the year.


Thank you to Chester resident Evelyn Brady for donating Marigold seeds and Iris Tubers for the garden! We can’t wait to see them bloom in the spring!


If you are interested in donating to the garden project or volunteering to weed and maintain our gardens, please contact Irene Dunn at or call the library at 845-469-4252

Garden Volunteer Information

Garden Volunteer Waiver

Building the Garden

two girls planting
two girls planting
two girls in front of garden
two girls gardening
two girls holding bags of soil gardening
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Introducing our Seed Library

A seed library is a free exchange of flower and vegetable seeds.

You can choose seeds to plant in the spring and summer. When you harvest in the fall, you can return some seeds to the seed library to keep it going.

If you would like to return seeds to our seed library, place seeds in one of the small envelopes provided and fill out the seed information.

Why Save Seeds?

Saving seeds is a way that you can become an active part in the growing cycle! There are many reasons to save seeds, here are just a few:

  • Protect genetic diversity
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Build Community
  • Save Money
  • Help support pollinators


Chester. Knights of Columbus donate $400 to Chester Girl Scout Troop 387 for community garden