Chester in Quarantine: Our Community Journal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed most of our lives drastically, whether you are social distancing or an essential worker. We at the Chester Public Library recognize that this is a unique time in our town’s history and want to provide a way for community members to share their experiences. How has your life been impacted by the current situation? Are you social distancing? Learning new technology? Navigating schooling from home? Continuing to work as an essential employee? Maybe you have experienced a new sense of community during this time and want to share how you have been supported or supported others.

We want to know!

Below, submit a representation of how the pandemic has impacted your life in Chester. Submissions can be drawings, pictures, journal entries or other writings, new recipes, poems, etc. We will be compiling an online exhibit of entries, as well as making an in person scrapbook for our local history collection. Submissions must be family friendly. All ages are encouraged to participate, but submissions must be made by people 18 or older. If submitting entries for those under 18, parental permission is required.

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